Partner with us

Nxt Museum is connecting art, science and technology by showcasing large scale immersive art installations in our ground breaking space in North Amsterdam. It’s our focus on future technologies and our constant drive to seek, show, question and debate what is next that provides fertile ground for opportunities to collaborate and – together – fuel new, exciting work.

Samsung and Nxt Museum have joined forces to ignite curiosity, fuel creativity and foster digital skills. Together, we seek to unite people in art and technology. We are on a mission to unlock creativity through technology and art and learn about the future with the latest digital tools.

With a full technical Samsung set up including hi-tech hardware (Samsung HD displays, Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung Flips and tablets) integrated throughout the museum, we seek to enrich the experience for our visitors and extend our educational programme.

As the official partner of Nxt Lab – our space dedicated to education, research and development – Samsung supports our educational visions. Together, we question, challenge and reinvent the boundaries of creativity through education, focused on digital skills, and open up new opportunities for young people in the ‘createch’ industries.

In Summer 2021, Samsung and Nxt Museum teamed up to ignite curiosity, fuel creativity and develop digital skill sets through art and technology. We welcomed 16-24 year olds to Studio 404, hosted at Nxt Museum and in the digital etha. Our summer program included talks, workshops and hands-on learning, delivered by leading experts in their fields equipping over 500 young people with the skills they need to succeed in the modern world

If you’re interested in partnering with the most high-tech, innovative, museum in The Netherlands speaking to a creative, tech savvy target audience – ‘the one looking for the next’ – please get in touch. Email: PARTNERSHIPS@NXTMUSEUM.COM